Disabling or Uninstalling jollywallet

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If you've decided you no longer want to earn cash back from jollywallet, disabling or removing the app is easy to do; just follow the steps outlined below, depending on your browser:

Disabling jollywallet

In order to disable the jollywallet cash back app, please follow these simple steps:

1. Navigate to one of our authorized online retailers, such as .

2. When the cash back offer is displayed, click the Disable Options icon located on the lower right side of the jollywallet green bar (while the X button will only hide the bar for 1 hour):

3. A popup message will be displayed with 3 disabling options; you can choose the disabling option you would like to apply.

* You can disable the service: for the certain session (1 hour) | for a selected site | disable service completely.

In order to disable the service completely, click on the radio button to the left of the third option.

Then click the "Approve" button:

4. A confirmation message will appear; click the "Disable service" button for completing the process:

5. You're done - jollywallet has been disabled and you will no longer see our cash back offers.

For additional information on how to uninstall jollywallet please visit online uninstall guide.


The jollywallet team.

Uninstall extension / add-on

  1. Click Tools -> Add-ons
  2. Click Extensions:
  3. From the list of installed extensions, select the jollywallet application:
  4. You can now disable or remove the jollywallet app from your browser; you may be required to restart Firefox after removing the app.
  1. First, access the Chrome menu options by clicking the icon underneath the Minimize / Close buttons and select Tools / Extensions:
  2. Find the jollywallet application in the list of installed extensions:
  3. You can now disable the application by unchecking the Enabled checkbox or you can completely remove the application by clicking the trash can icon.
Internet Explorer
  1. Use the Tools icon to access the IE menu; then select Manage add-ons:
  2. From the list of add-ons select the jollywallet app, then click Disable:
  3. If the Disable button is inactive, or if you'd like to completely uninstall the app, please follow the instructions in the Uninstall from MS Windows section.
  1. Click the Safari setting icon on the upper right corner of the browser, then select Preferences:
  2. In the preferences window, select Extensions:
  3. You can disable the jollywallet app or completely remove it from the browser:
    - To disable the app, uncheck the Enable jollywallet cash back checkbox.
    - To remove the app, click the Uninstall button:

Uninstalling the jollywallet app from MS Windows

In some cases you may not be able to uninstall the jollywallet application through your browsers' management tools; if this happens you will be required to use Windows' Control Panel to uninstall the app:
  1. From the Start Menu select Control Panel:
  2. Depending on your version of Windows select Add / Remove Programs or Programs and Features
  3. Select the jollywallet application from the list, then right click it and select Uninstall:
  4. You may be required to restart your browser in order to complete the process.
Still need help?
If you require any further assistance or have any questions please contact our customer support team at support@jollywallet.com.
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